Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A fact is we all too some degree would like something for nothing, but wise men know it is a fantasy and there is no such thing. Anybody that has read some of my writing knows that I sometimes refer to laws of nature. I fairly often refer to the law of “Natural selection.” There is another natural law of nature that the liberals have exploited to the utmost ever since the new deal.

Through this law they have gained enough power now to take civilization back to the Stone Age. Because of this law if you feed a mangy dog or any other animal one time he will show up day after day for a very long time. It is why sales and bargains works. It is why some people rob and steel. It is why it is so hard to get most kids to hit the books and study hard. It is why the liberals have been able to grow this sugar daddy welfare state to the brink of taking civilization back to the Stone Age.

The law I’m referring to is “The course of least resistance.” Just about everything in nature is influenced by this law, even electricity. From lack of wisdom we have allowed the welfare state to take us down the road of least resistance ever since the new deal. While we were going down the course of least resistance road the fabric that holds every society together were rotting away until now we have almost no means of surviving an economical collapse.

The nuclear family has been the foundation of every society know to man since the dawn of history. Now, the welfare state has destroyed nearly seventy percent of the African American nuclear family system. Our morals and values are what come out of Hollywood. And as for bartering capacity we have practically none. We depend mostly on huge centralized farms and animal factory farms for our food which may be hundreds of miles away.

In a mass national disaster the grocery shelves will be clean within hours and within days hungry people may create bottle necks everywhere. Respect for someone else’s property will be something foreign. Folks, I may be letting my imagination run away, but I hope you get the point, that there is no substitute for good morals and values. I’m a writer and sometimes my imagination is just that my imagination.

Seriously, I do believe it will take a miracle to save this great nation. However, I do believe in miracles. Praise the Lord.